Life Through the Lens


Celebrating Ginny graduating from nursing school!

Celebrating Ginny graduating from nursing school!

Michael went to his junior prom!
Taken 05/25/2013
Cool summer evenings
Taken 05/24/2013
Abi’s first piano recital!
Taken 05/19/2013
Becky got married!
Taken by Abbie: 05/18/2013
The clouds parted briefly to let the sun shine
Taken 05/08/2013
Spring beginning to show
Taken 04/12/2013
Taken 03/31/2013
After getting a wet foot from standing in the creek!
Taken 03/25/2013
Jumping in the snow!
Taken 03/07/2013
Pajama snowball fight!
Taken 03/05/13
Spending Sunday afternoon shooting!
Taken by Pastor Steve: 02/24/13
Loved my mini-vaca to BC
Taken 02/02/13
A lovely, champagne brunch in Florida, hosted by the lovely Emily Ellyn!
Taken 01/26/13
A rainy day in Bath County
Taken 01/15/13
Heading to work; I live in beautiful mountains
Taken 12/27/12
Sweet Girls
Taken 12/25/12
Family Christmas
Taken 12/25/12
The day I voted in my first Presidential Election!
Taken 10/26/2012
Cousins at the Fall Foliage Festival
Taken 10/21/2012
FCFC “Apple Pickin’ Weanie Roast”
Taken 10/14/2012
A place of comfort in a beautiful land
Taken 10/06/2012
First autumn tinge
Taken 08/29/2012
Pink Champagne with an incredible view
Taken in Early August
Taken 7/27/2012
Precious cousin
Taken 07/13/2012
Summertime Mist
Taken 7/21/2012
Happy 4th of July!
Taken 07/04/2012

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