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It’s deceptively sunny outside and makes me believe I can walk out in shorts and bare feet, without shivering almost instantly.  Alas, Friday’s temperatures swiftly left before the sun rose on Saturday, and now, here we are, Sunday afternoon….and the numbers are slowly creeping upward.

It’s strange, I’ve complained more about the weather this winter (and now Spring) than any other time.  Normally I LOVE seasonal changes, bundling up in boots, gloves, sweaters, and coats for a few months, and then transitioning to short sleeves, sandals, and THEN bathing suits and shorts.  However, of late my daydreams regularly feature island beaches and roasting temperatures, with yummy drinks flowing.  On the bright side, the temperatures are rising this week, and will hopefully reach the 70’s!

Friday afternoon a burst of energy exploded in my room, which led to me ticking a few items off of my “to do” list!  Since then, I’ve been making efforts to do things that are productive, energizing, contributing, and beneficial to my mental, physical, and spiritual health.  I’ve spent some time this afternoon researching blog challenges to get my creative juices flowing.  I also found a photography challenge that looks fun (**must remember to charge camera batteries**).  It feels SO good, with each passing activity that “normal me” does, to feel more and more like myself.

Oh, one of the productive things I did was start my taxes! (Last year I waited till April 14th…so this is improvement!)  And, last night, Mama and I enjoyed homemade pizza and a movie (How to Marry a Millionaire, with Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, and Betty Grable—then I read this article this morning about the auction starting today for Lauren Bacall’s belongings, including her Louis Vuitton luggage…not that I’m envious).

Also, there is an article circulating (that my darling boyfriend sent me to read) about the benefit of writing for your well-being.  It’s true, whether writing in my journal, blogging, writing an article—whatever it may be, I feel better, more alive, invigorated after writing.  Here’s a similar article (I couldn’t find the exact one) if you want to read about the positives of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

I am off to finish the first episode of The Doris Day Show (not sure how I missed that she had a show).  Have a relaxing Sunday afternoon, whatever you choose to do (or not to do)!



I had my first internet interview this afternoon.  I think I liked it.  It went pretty well…though, nerves did show themselves.  Now, the incessant email checking and waiting commences.

Sherlock convention tickets just went on sale, and the website isn’t working.  I had my first experience relating to The Big Bang Theory when the guys click for ten minutes before finally getting in to buy Comicon tickets.  I just want to read the details!  Wah.

The past few days I’ve begun easing into some of my old routines (this is good).  For various reasons, after moving it was very difficult for me to put energy and concentration into things that used to come (mostly) naturally and easily.  It feels SO good journaling, reading, exercising, writing…stepping back into myself.



The Battle of Poetry and Prose

20140412-184359.jpgMy family is from Kent, thus I enjoy reading about it. Through this poem I learned a bit of history about Kent/England from 1803-1805.

Growing up we had a thick, red book of poems for children.  I remember looking through it, probably having poems read to me from it, and memorizing pieces out of it as part of my homeschooling curriculum.  During my few years at a private school, I remember memorizing various poems from the back of our spelling book.  Two of my favorites were: The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere and The Village Blacksmith (I can still remember the beginnings of both).

However, I was always fond of and drawn to prose.  I remember reading Little Women while listening to it on tape when I was six or seven, I raided the old books in my grandparents basement one summer, when I was about the same age, and took a lot of new-to-me books home, and then there was the chunk of time when I was eight that I would wake up (naturally) at 4AM, sneak out to the kitchen for a plain bagel, and go back to my room and read till whenever.

I think fondly on those times, as well as the years that followed, resulting in a book always being stuffed in my purse during high school…and read when I should have been paying attention to French.

In college I minored in English, aka, I took a lot of upper level lit classes.  In one we read lots of epic poems, in another we read and analyzed poems based on the time period we were studying, and for another I wrote a thirteen page annotation of female poets beginning with Anne Bradstreet and continuing into the 1930’s.  It took that thirteen page annotation to begin opening my eyes to the fun of discovering the depths and meaning of poetry myself.

Now, two years later, I still battle with poetry.  I so enjoy getting lost in a story rather than fighting through the fog of words that are hiding an elusive meaning that wishes to remain a secret.  Occasionally I’ll stumble upon poems I enjoy, like the book of poems on the poets travels to Russia shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union or the book of Wordsworth I enjoyed today.

A certain friend, who shall remain nameless, has prodded me to move towards poetry.

Dare I admit it’s working?  I have, but I still hold that I’m not there yet.

What about you?  Poetry, prose, or both?