This Marriage Thing

I saw the above meme posted on Facebook and realized it hit closer to home than I liked. 

Since getting married (I know, a whole two weeks ago), I’ve noticed “I’m sorry” and “you don’t have to do that” rolling off my tongue A LOT towards Alan when he starts to clean, straighten, wash dishes, etc. I quickly follow it up with thanking him for what he’s doing and acknowledging that it’s awesome that he’s doing _______. I’m doing a mental switch. I don’t HAVE to do it all. I have an awesome partner who is “in it” with me, who cleans, organizes, and unpacks along side of me.

When I feel pressure to get things “just so” before Alan gets home, I’ve started reminding myself that he lives here, too. We are making it our home together, and he’s fantastic at washing dishes and making bookshelves and cooking dinner and so much more. 

Here’s to many more moments of reconditioning my thinking and moving towards deeper partnership with my husband. Here’s to that “modern marriage” mentioned during our wedding ceremony (not that dish washing is all that makes a “modern marriage”).


One thought on “This Marriage Thing

  1. Love this! Thanks for writing about this topic. In 2 weeks I’ll be married and I can’t wait to have my own space (shared with only one other person… That’s a first. Ever. In my whole life). There are going to be many adjustments ahead, but I’m really looking forward to them 🙂


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