“The One In Which Kirsten Moves Out”

Yesterday and today marked a new section in my life.  If it were an episode of Friends, it would be called “The One In Which Kirsten Gets Her Own Place.”

Yes, I moved into my own place yesterday.  It’s been a long time coming, and it’s such a strange new feeling.  This is my space.  I can do with it what I please.  Currently, it’s a little overwhelming trying to figure out where to put things, but I keep reminding myself I can organize and rearrange however many times I want.  I’ve picked out the prettiest shower curtain for my bathroom!

Thank you to every person who has supported me, encouraged me, cheered for me, let me stay with them, suggested jobs, gave references, and shared advice with me over the past three years.  I’m a firm believer of “it takes a village.”  I’m not done yet—far from it.  But, I’m so thankful for the many people by whom I am privileged to be loved.

I have a spare bedroom, so I hope you’ll consider coming to visit.  I promise to have a fire in the fireplace (during the cool months), tea in plenty, and I’ll even have coffee for the coffee lover!

Here’s to a new stage of adulthood!  Cheers!


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